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December 21, 2014

Java for Everything? I wouldn't...

From Fragile To Agile
A few days ago, my colleague Jamie (who by the way has made a pretty cool Chrome extension for TeamCity, shameless plug), pointed me to this article by Lawrence Kesteloot about dynamic vs. static languages (rather dynamicly typed and static More...
December 20, 2014

How is Java / JVM built ? Adopt OpenJDK is your answer!

Mani's blog
Introduction & history As some of you may already know, starting with Java 7, OpenJDK is the Reference Implementation (RI) to Java. The below timeline gives you an idea about the history of OpenJDK : OpenJDK history (2006 till date) See Adopt Op More...
December 19, 2014

Swift self reference in inner closure

Xebia Blog
We all pretty much know how to safely use self within a Swift closure. But have you ever tried to use self inside a closure that's inside another closure? There is a big chance that the Swift compiler crashed (Xcode 6.1.1) without giving you an error More...
December 16, 2014

Improving software is as easy as Pi

Principles of Software Flow
12/14, restate my assumptions: 1. Flow is the language of software. 2. All code can represented and described using flow. 3. If you graph the flow you begin to see the whole system, not just the code. Therefore flow mapping is the key to improving so More...
December 14, 2014

Agile: how hard can it be?!

Xebia Blog
Yesterday my colleagues and I ran an awesome workshop at the MIT conference in which we built a Rube Goldberg machine using Scrum and Extreme Engineering techniques. As agile coaches one would think that being an Agile team should come naturally to More...
December 12, 2014

Extreme Engineering - Building a Rube Goldberg machine with scrum

Xebia Blog
Is agile usable to do other things than software development? Well we knew that already; yes! But to create a machine in 1 day with 5 teams and continuously changing members using scrum might be exciting! See our report below (it's in Dutch for now) More...
December 10, 2014

New Blog Post: New Year, New Adventures

Trisha's Ramblings
New Blog Post: New Year, New Adventures More...
December 8, 2014

The End of Common-off-the-Shelf Software

Xebia Blog
Large Common-of-the-Shelf Software (COTS for short) packages are difficult to implement and integrate. Buying a large software package is not a good idea. Below I will explain how Agile methods and services on light weight containers will help implem More...
December 3, 2014

The "Uncanny Valley" of L3 Cache Contention

Bad Concurrency
While preparing for my talk at QCon SF 2014, I wanted to investigate a theory around how micro-benchmarks are not a useful reflection of how software may behave when run as part of a larger application.  Specifically due contention in the last-level More...
December 2, 2014

Testing Feature Branches Remotely with Grunt

Xebia Blog
At my current job we are working on multiple features simultaneously, using git feature branches. We have a Jenkins build server which we use for integration testing of the master branch, which runs about 20 jobs simultaneously for Protractor and Fit More...
December 2, 2014

LJC Open Conference 2015

From Fragile To Agile
Last Saturday I participated for the first time at the LJC Open Conference. It was huge fun.The Open Conference is different to other conferences in the sense that it doesn't have a pre-agreed agenda, people simply arrive in the morning and they offe More...
December 1, 2014

About snowmen and mathematical proof why agile works

Xebia Blog
Last week I had an interesting course by Roger Sessions on Snowman Architecture. The perishable nature of Snowmen under any serious form of pressure fortunately does not apply to his architecture principles, but being an agile fundamentalist I notice More...
November 29, 2014

(Edu) Scrum at XP Days Benelux: beware of the next generation

Xebia Blog
Xp Days Benelux 2014 is over, and it was excellent. Good sessions, interesting mix of topics and presenters, and a wonderful atmosphere of knowledge sharing, respect and passion for Agile. After 12 years, XP Days Benelux continues to be inspiring and More...
November 27, 2014

Pulse 2.7 Released

Jason Sankeys Blog
I’m dusting off the blog with a bang, announcing that Pulse 2.7 has gone gold! This release brings a broad range of new features and improvements, including: New agent storage management options, including the ability to prevent builds when dis More...
November 26, 2014

How to implement validation callbacks in AngularJS 1.3

Xebia Blog
In my current project we've recently switched from AngularJS 1.2 to 1.3. Except for a few breaking changes the upgrade was quite trivial. However, after diving into the changelog we noticed that the way AngularJS handles form validation changed drast More...
November 24, 2014

CITCON Europe 2014 wrap-up

Xebia Blog
On the 19th and 20th of September CITCON (pronounced "kit-con") took place in Zagreb, Croatia. CITCON is dedicated to continuous integration and testing. It brings together some of the most interesting people of the European testing and continuous in More...
November 24, 2014

Testing cheatsheet

Xebia Blog
Sometimes it is not clear for everybody how unit tests relates to e2e-test. This cheatsheet, I created, describes in one page: The different definitions Different structures of the tests The importance of unit tests The importance of e2e tests Ext More...
November 23, 2014

Learning to throw things away

Trisha's Ramblings
New Blog Post: Learning to throw things away(Remember, my new blog is at, and I don't always remember to post things on this old one) More...
November 18, 2014

Ready, Test, Go!

Xebia Blog
The full potential of many an agile organization is hardly ever reached. Many teams find themselves redefining user stories although they have been committed to as part of the sprint. The ‘ready phase’, meant to get user stories clear and suffic More...
November 16, 2014

Why do I contribute to the JCP (and at the same time evangelise the Spring framework)?

The Tai-Dev Blog
Josh Long, Richard Warburton and myself were having an interesting conversation on twitter about standardisation early today, specifically related to the Java Community Process (JCP), which is the mechanism for developing standard technical spec More...
November 11, 2014

New Censum Release 2.0.1

Hi all, Hot on the heels of Censum 2.0.0 (with Java 8 and G1 support) we have some important new analysis and bug fixes that users should upgrade for in version 2.0.1. IMPT: The new analytic to detect the unsafe use of G1 is vital! Please do not run More...
November 11, 2014

The neverending sinus of the full-stack developer

Xebia Blog
There was an article on Techcrunch a couple days ago which was linked in our internal mailing list the other day, titled The Rise And Fall Of The Full Stack Developer. I read it, and I just couldn't figure out why the title is about "the fall" of the More...
November 10, 2014

Staying Ahead Of The Curve

Trisha's Ramblings
New Blog Post: Staying Ahead Of The Curve More...
November 10, 2014

AngularJS, HTML5, Groovy, Java And MongoDB All Together - What Could Possibly Go Wrong??

Trisha's Ramblings
New Blog Post: AngularJS, HTML5, Groovy, Java And MongoDB All Together - What Could Possibly Go Wrong?? More...
November 10, 2014

Our Devoxx BE 2014 schedule!

Kirk and Martijn will all be presenting on a variety of topics including Performance, Garbage Collection, OpenJDK, Philiosphy of code, Startups, Women in Teschonlogy :-). We’d love to see you at the talks and are always happy to discuss all thi More...
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